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Why Black Belt Movers?

Bar none, it's our Ninjanuity. The affordability, accountability, honesty, and professionalism our guys display gives us what we believe to be the best moving experience any person could ask for. We give that extra 1% that other moving companies don’t, and that in itself earns major kudos from those we move. Not only do we think we are the best, we set out to prove it on every move and our customers can attest to this. Legends are forever, so you can be sure we are not going anywhere.


Local & Long Distance

From East and West to North and South there isn’t anywhere we aren’t willing to move. You won’t have to worry about your furniture being mixed in with other families belongings because with us your furniture travels first class. It also won’t take two weeks to get there either. We understand you want to unload and break in your new home proper.

Give our reservation ninjas a call and they can make sure that you get taken care off the right way. Nothing breaks our hearts more than not being able to help someone move.


Real-Time Notifications

In this day and age we fancy ourselves to be up to speed with this ever-changing world and moving should be no different. With that being said, before your move date we will send out a complimentary confirmation email just ensure there are no last minute changes. If you don’t respond to that we understand since we also make confirmation calls to those we have not heard from 48 hours prior to their move date. Plus, if you don’t respond to our confirmation call or email, we will faithfully give you a call 20-30 minutes before we arrive on the day of the move which allows you to get ready for these “Mad Ninja Skill” coming your way.


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